ECO Kids & Teens


Let's Face it. These mini people are different. We can't change them, we can make them know stuff before they know stuff; as fast as we'd like them to "grow-up" is as fast as our parenting days will be gone and a faded memory. In the meantime, on this journey from once cherished babies, to now energetic kids and challenging teenagers - we can give them such a huge gift in caring about their body care. Keeping it real and fresh and toxic free is more than ensuring their Healthy bodies - it is giving them the peace of NOT having to deal with crazy breakouts that by and large...come from damaging skin care. *Encourage them to eat and provide them with real food too of course...that helps, as skin is our largest organ and all these blemishes are crud being filtered out - so no crud in = no crud out. MATH! Yay it finally paid off!