Green Goo Tattoo 1oz


Green Goo® organic herbal Tattoo Care salve repairs, soothes, and moisturizes your skin after getting inked. 

Prevents scabbing, infections, and fading. Green Goo® Tattoo Care helps to keep colors bright long after the healing process.  The Green Goo® Tattoo Care formula is enriched with a high concentration of antibacterial and antiseptic herbs designed to help repair and heal skin, while moisturizing and enriching the tattoed area. Antibacterial and antiseptic. Can be re-applied as often as needed.

This is a 1oz tin - ignore that detail of the image-> Thank you.

Antibacterial • Anti-fungal • Antiseptic

Suggested Uses: New and Old Tattoos

Remember your Tattoo is Not completed until its fully healed...
  •  Remove the bandage after one hour, two maximum. 
  •  All wounds need to breathe if they are to heal properly.
  •  Wash the tattoo using your fingertips or hand only. 
  • Use a mild antibacterial soap and warm water. 
  • Take care to remove all traces of blood as this will cause scabbing. 
  • Do not scrub your tattoo with a washcloth during the two week healing period. 
  • Always gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean soft cloth or just let it air dry.
  • Apply a thin coat of ointment to the tattoo, just enough to make it shine, a little goes a long it in well. Dab off all the excess with a paper towel. You should barely be able to tell that it's there... This is just enough to keep the tattoo moist and to keep it from scabbing. Your body heat will liquefy the ointment and it may become glossy looking or runny. This means there's too much on there. Dab more off. Too much ointment will only suffocate the tattoo and liquefy any scabs that may have formed causing the ink to fall out and look blotchy. There is no need to re-bandage the tattoo.
*Olive Oil, *Plantain, *Chickweed, *Yarrow, *Sage, *Calendula, *Chaparral, *St. John's Wort, *Comfrey Leaf, Gum Benzoin, Myrrh, and Beeswax. Essential Oils of *Lavender and *Rosemary. *Certified USDA Organic.
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