Salve 16 ~ Hemorrhoid Ointment


An amazing combination of 16 astringent, vulnerary, demulcent, cooling, mucilaginous, anodyne, emollient and antibacterial herbs to promote vein heath and support the reduction of pain and swelling due to hemorrhoids and varicose veins. There is no other product on the market so carefully crafted or with such a wide range of specific anti-hemorrhoid herbs and essential oils. 


Sage leaves, Blackberry leaves, Horsetail herb, Mullein leaves, Yarrow leaves/flowers, Raspberry leaves, Witchhazel leaves, Cayenne, Ginger root, Hawthorn leaves, Rue herb, Comfrey root, Plantain herb, Bayberry leaves, St. Johnswort flowers, Goldenseal leaf, beeswax, Juniper, Ginger, Frankincense
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