Sinus Rejuvenation Oil


Best Stuff Ever!...Oh and... 

...FOR USE IN NOSTRILS -> Not for Use in Neti Pots.

For direct use just inside the nostril. A powerful blend of organic essential oils intended to help fight infections and drain mucous as well as for warding off any initial infection and ridding yourself of allergy nuisances.

Put a little bit on your finger by tilting the bottle with a clean finger closed over the oversized opening and put that drop of essential oil just inside your nose. Use your Sinus Rejuvenation Oil if you or your kids are getting that little sting in your nose or throat. If you are surrounded by people coughing or if someone at work or school is sick or if you are traveling! Basically just never leave home without this stuff! It's a must have, make life better purchase! 

The packaging will also share its program for use in combating allergies and extinguishing allergy medicine use all together.

USE this to end Chronic Sinus Conditions.

Strengthens immune funtions to fight colds and allergies.

A very strong decongestant formulated at the Pacific Institue of Aromatherapy.

Use over time, this sinus oil can help rejuvenate your sinuses.


Contains Green myrtle, Inula graveolens, Rosemary verbenone, Eucalyptus dives, Peppermint and Spike lavender
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