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Each one of Lulu's Lip balms melts across your lips and will leave your lips perfectly moisturized for hours.  Packaged in both tubes and smudge pots, a unique aromatherapy punch is incorporated into each one. 

All InLuLu's Garden lip balms are our most healing balms for those of us who actually suffer with dry, super dry, or painful lip issues. Already we have heard from multiple Healthy customers who have experienced full recovery from their once daunting lip needs. Yay for kissable sweet lips!

“Sweet Dreams” Features marjoram and lavender essential oils   Inhale an infusion of Lavender and Marjoram just before a night’s sleep with this “Sweet Dreams” lip balm. The aromatherapy benefits will help soothe you to sleep no matter how hectic your day or how far away you've traveled from home; remember to pack it on trips!

“Clarity” Features: Grapefruit, Basil, Bergamot & Lavender   Step out of the darkness and into the light with “Clarity” aromatherapy lip balm from Lulus Garden™. Featuring an aromatic blend of essential oils including grapefruit, basil, bergamot and lavender – it is the perfect little smudge pot to keep on your desk.  You’ll love how the aromatherapy benefits fuel you too. 

“Cold Sores” Features: Geranium, Lavender, Thyme & Lemon   Ease the effects of cold sores, naturally with our “Cold Sores” Custom handmade in artisan detail, it is delicately scented with healing essential oils that will naturally soothe the effects of a cold sore. Just a little dab and you’ll find relief for hours as it gently softens your lips. Arriving in a pretty little tin, it is just the right size to tuck into your pocket or even cell phone case. You’ll feel better just knowing that relief is only a couple of swipes away!

"Orange Grapefruit" For winter-weary dry and cracked lips, this "Orange Grapefruit" lip balm tin is like a warm kiss of spring! From the moment you crack open this pot, the titillating scent of ruby red grapefruit and succulent oranges will delight your senses. 

“Stressaholic” Features: essential oils clary sage, lemon and lavender   Made Fresh! Experience the benefits of aromatherapy with this “Stressaholic” lip balm smudge pot. It coats your lips with the goodness of Mother Nature and locks moisture in to protect your lips from the elements. It’s the only beauty regimen you need on a daily basis. 

“Tiredness” Features grapefruit, eucalyptus, lemon essential oils  Keep your lips kissably soft with this “Tiredness” custom handmade lip balm smudge pot. It essential oils to reinvigorate your mind, through aromatherapy, when you are tired. Buy more than one and share with your friends!


Beeswax, cocoa butter, lanolin, vitamin e, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, essential oils
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