1+1=1  The most amazing miracle - making a person (or people). As we grow our little ones within us, our heart beat informs their rythm, our emotions their reality and our food and body care intake, their nutritive roots; the core of their being is made up by what we choose to put in and on our bodies.

BABY YOUR BODY The placental barrier used to be considered to be an absolute protective of the baby's pristine in vitro world.  While that may be true for viruses, it is not the case with synthetic, petrochemical, and nano substances.  These chemicals can be hormone impersonators, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and neurotoxins.  Protect your baby from exposure to these toxins during the vital developmental stages.   PROTECT YOUR BABY

Babies are born with their skin still developing. Indeed their skin is not fully developed until their first birthday. The pH is shifting from the alkaline of the water world of the womb to the acidic surface that serves us in the dry world we all share. During transition, their skin barrier is not fully functional. Recent research suggests that the healthy development of baby’s skin significantly impacts their immune function.

EVERY PRODUCT YOU WILL FIND AT Healthy in The Park Mama & Baby is formulated to soothe and support this stage and will end up being used for years by the whole family - as each product can ultimately be applied for so many unique body care needs. ~ Making life a little easier and a lot more Awesome #Healthyinthepark