JSF's AntiFungal Salve


Sometimes...you need this!

An excellent salve to fight off any skin fungal infection, skin ulcers, athletes foot, ringworm, toe and nail fungus and any itchy type of fungal infection. This formula provides nourishing and healing properties to the skin and nails. 

Better to keep one on hand than to need one and not have one. Matter of fact, two might be good. That way you can share one when your friend says "OMG you won't believe this..." Sharing is caring after all. 

Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with WH Usnea, OG Calendula, OG Goldenseal, WH Myrrh, OG Oregano, OG Tea Tree Oil, OG Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil, WH Candelilla Wax, non-gmo Vitamin E. (OG=organic, WH=wildharvested)
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