JSF's Deep Pain Healing Salve


Stop everything! WOW! This is amazing stuff.

Healthy only offers the best of course we all know that. And when it come to a non-scented pain relief balm this stuff is crazy good. A deep penetrating herbal and homeopathic salve, excellent for pain relief from deep muscle bruising, stiff joints, arthritis, and nerve damage. 

Of Special Note: It has been found that Gotu Kola helps decrease joint pain and skin hardening and improve finger movement caused by Scleroderma. It also helps with pain from psoriasis. 

Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with OG Gotu Kola, OG Arnica Flowers, OG Rue, OG St. Johns Wort, OG Lavender, OG Avocado oil, Homeopathic Ruta Gravelons Tincture and Homeopathic Arnica Montana Tincture, WH Candelilla Wax, non-gmo Vitamin E and Vitamin D. (OG=organic, WH=wildharvested) - See more at: http://justskinfood.com/deep-pain-healing-salve.html#sthash.AyLXywzN.dpuf
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