Raw Almond Superfood Spread


The journey begins with a base of the finest raw almonds and hemp seeds stone ground to perfection. Sprouted chia seeds, goji berries, and a pinch of Himalayan salt are added for a potent boost of superfood nutrition. 

Nourish your body while enlightening your taste buds with the perfect combination of powerful nutrition, sultry texture, and decadent taste. Dig in and bliss out!
For real! This is what we were talking about in the Category description for Healthy Eats: Food you can get excited about!
Great by the spoonful and slathered on toast, fruits, veggies. Good just so so good. One dip or two a day and you will have this jar for weeks. Use it has a pre-workout energy boost, a post-workout protein, or a late night/mid day sweet fix, or just when that need for healthy decadence overwhelms you.
Almonds*, Hemp Seed*, Goji Berries*, Chia Seeds*, Coconut Sugar*, Himalayan pink salt
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