Skin Spirit™ Face Oil



Part ways with pimples, scars, dry patches and blemishes. Skin Spirit™ Face Oil helps clear many skin problems leaving your face smooth, hydrated and glowing! 

We have first hand (first face) knowledge of how awesome Skin Spirit is for Teens! So wash -> tone -> Skin Spirit™ , that is the way to roll. Fall asleep with this absoluetly beautiful feeling and smelling oil on your face and wake up amazed! (It may feel heavy for a few minutes - but then...ahhhhh it will sink right in).

Blemishes will shrink away - it will balance your face's oil production which will end the oily skin = blemish battle ( as long as you are not washing your face with detergent soaps and harsh synthetics of course - but you wouldn't do that, no). This face oil will leave your face complexion hugely improved.

Also excellent for men as a post shave oil for soothing, healing and reducing redness.

*Cleansing with a Ph balanced astringent and or toner, after washing is a great idea for very reactive faces and of course hormonal ones...but you may not need one. **All of our Facial washes and astringents pair perfectly with Skin Spirit™  


Apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip seed oil, essential oil blend of helichrysum, ylang ylang, frankincense/myrrh, lavender, mandarin red and tea tree, neem seed oil, vitamin e.
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