Eco Gift & Non-Toxic Community Mercantile...Healthy in The Park is located in the foothills of the Yosemite Valley, CA USA. An Online retailer as well as a Local Store, we exist to make life a little easier and a whole lot better for the people of Yosemite Lakes Park and its surrounding areas and online for the whole world wide....

Healthy in The Park offers a carefully curated collection of organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free : gift & organic living products. Uniquely, every product we share is nourishing to people and planet from start to finish - from inception to your enjoyment. We work directly with formulators who either are themselves organic farmers or who directly support organic and wildcrafted harvesting methods. Your Body and Skin Care can either Heal you or Harm you; at Healthy there is only one choice!

With 17 years experience growing the Natural Products Industry - Healthy's founder and YLP resident, has a passion for what she shares. "Organic because you are," she can be heard saying. Simply connecting with the natural world through our product choices can do so much more for us than what a product Use description might say. Opening a jar of brilliantly formulated healing can break down walls in our compartmentalized lives and draw in new easeful thoughts. In her words, "Nature is the highest-end. It is the most chic the most effectual. Nature based goods offer the richest benefits and the most luxurious quality to humanity and the world, period."  Along with her educational support in store, she contributes a wealth of relationships with industry leaders and formulators of some of the most innovative products available today. 

Healthy in The Park - Eco Gift & Body store exists to embrace its community with powerful, non-toxic living solutions that support both people and planet - from our shared soils, to our community water health, to our individual personal health.

Selecting only key and must have products from diverse and broad scope ranges Healthy in The Park  brings you and your family the best of what's  available in eco awesome; products that make your life so-much-better by empowering you with healing - effective - remedies for everyday better living:

Need a last minute Gift? Have a baby or bridal shower to attend and you want to have the best gift there?  Ready for healthy body washes and lotions that actually protect and heal? Maybe you have a teen struggling with skin issues or you want to start taking better care of your own skin with anti-aging botanicals and facial care lines that are at the top of the industry in effective, relevant solutions. Even if it's just Time to Detox your Life ~ from underarm deodorants to lip balm, from healthy fragrances to immune support, Healthy in The Park's products will make the switch fun...*happy-dances often occure (just so you are aware).

Healthy in The Park is Mother owned, a family business...meaning the brick and mortar store hours, though intended to be static, are liable to change (kids and all). If you are driving by, look for our neon OPEN sign up in the window or the flowers out on Yosemite Springs Parkway - If we're not already open - an open door is just one phone call away... 559-641-2345 or LIKE us on Facebook  ~ We're here for you! ~ 

 *Pain & Injury Relief: With so many Sports Families here in The Park and so many of us with chronic pain to manage, Healthy in The Park offers all natural pain and injury relief products for acute need as well as daily pain reduction and healing. Click this link to go directly to this section now.