Whether you’re providing daily care to avoid chapped lips, or going through the misery of remedying chapped lips, our lips need moisturizing nutrients that penetrate, protect and heal. Naturally all of Healthy in The Parks lip products are void of synthetics, fragrances and preservatives; all of which are toxic and counter effective at best. If you are constantly needing your current lip balm - it is not doing its job!

FYI: Petroleum based lip balms provide a quick fix for dry chapped lips by simply trapping moisture. This prevents the thin lip skin from breathing and ultimately causes greater irritation. A moisturizing lip balm should penetrate the skin--not simply coat the skin's surface. The moisturizing oils and butters in our creamy all natural & organic lip balms penetrate deep into the skin cells. Each formulation found at Healthy in The Park is crafted using ingredients recognized for their soothing, moisturizing, and healing qualities.

"If you can't eat it....don't put it on your mouth."