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Vitality Miron Glass is manufacturer in Switzerland and was developed through generations of research. A very special glass, crafted into containers, uniquely formulated to preserve and enhance the vitality of organic goods stored within them.

Much more than a colored glass, Vitality glassware celebrates the Swiss science of Miron violet glass; the first ever aroma improving, freshness preserving, bio-life enhancing container. 

Stuff gets better in here!  It's like an antioxidant glass - what you put in it is vitalized - which means it quickly improves and deepens in aroma and taste compounds are enhanced; never store in plastic again! Empty the contents of your bulk foods and plastic containers into this heirloom durable glassware - and your value improves and sustains itself.

Even coffee can be pre ground and set next to the coffee pot - with impressive and vibrant aromas and flavor for weeks, months. Store nuts in here - there is no better place - nuts and seeds stored in bags or plastic containers will go rancid looooong before those you set into your Vitality jars.

Vitality Miron Glass is truly a game changing product for all of us wanting to keep our food cost investments at their prime and for foodies - herb lovers - tea fanatics - super food and protein drink aficionados!

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Genuine Swiss made Miron Vitality Glass.
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