Toners. What are they anyway? If you don't already love them you may be like we once were, in the dark about there pertinence. Toners can be fresheners, astringents or tonics. You can use Toners after cleansing and before moisturizing or you can use them as a cleanser or use them throughout the day.  Fresheners, are going to be extremely mild and contain some sort of humectant – like glycerin and are used to add moisture to the skin. Tonics are usually applied as a cleanser or in addition to one to remove excess grime and are a mixture of liquids that tone, tighten and balance the skin.   Astringents can be used as spot treatments or for a deep oil and grime removal. Considered the harshest of Toners these can a bit drying which in some cases will cause the skin to overproduce oil in response. However each type has a value to it and we love them all.  ~Healthy highly recommends enjoying our handmade reusable bamboo/cotton rounds with your Toners - as they add such a nice luxury to life while reducing waste.