Baraka Neti Pot



Take a deep breath!

Hand made in Sonoma County, CA  - This is a very durable ceramic Neti Pot, and we think the prettiest one yet made. It's been part of the Healthy in The Park family for 12 years. If you've never rinsed your nose...start with the best - and leave it out on the coutner so you'll see it and be reminded to rinse - twice a day is recommended to be in the clear!

Always use purified water - and enjoy high a quality full mineral sea salt....

...To Rinse add your warmed water, add the salt - stir and rinse...Voila! Clean sinuses and improved immunity.

Check out this video to see it done:

Kids & Teens - use it so they don't get sick. If they do - kick the snot out of that cold!

Pregnant Moms - Sometimes our noses! I mean the congestion?!  It can be rediculous...rinse your way through it.

Allergies?! - Just get those polins and grasses and danders and and and out of there! Don't deal with them...kick em out!

Healthy Body - Your fantastic body is always always always working to keep you healthy. If you help it out by rinsing your sinuses - you have all that much more energy to live well and Healthy!

100% lead-free, safe and non-toxic, Fired with food-grade ceramic glazes, Durable stoneware ceramics
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