Restoration! Foot Butter: by Shea Terra



...smells so good! Feels even better and is so effective!

Got cracks? We've got SOLUTION. Powerful, rare African ingredients combine to repair andprevent cracks while softening hard skin fast. African gold tree butter heals skin while anti-bacterial ingredients get rid of odor and infection causing bacteria.

This butter is a must have - it smells incredible, has an addicting texture...the only problem you may have is using only what you need, you may end up wanting to just keep rubbing the butter in all over. So So good!

In all Shea Terra's many years of researching and sourcing the most healing ingredients, one ingredient stood out amongst the rest for its amazing ability to heal skin. Gold Tree Butter is a rare, hard to get ingredient has amazing anti-inflammatory and skin regeneration properties. To make this butter Restoration, Shea Terra then combined it with their deeply healing and premium quality, Gold Standard shea butter which works in similar, complementary ways, and added a large dose of bacteria and fungus killing tamanu oil from the island of Madagascar to further prevent and heal foot cracking. Potent, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal golden beeswax protects our feet against weather, moisture loss and day to day wear and tear.






Contains only: premium, unrefined shea butter, shea butter oil, African gold tree butter, golden, raw beeswax, tamanu oil, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, propolis
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