Shea Butter GOLD!

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100% Pure & Natural. The Gold Standard in shea butter. This is the most wonderful smelling shea butter we have ever smelt! Enjoy this shea not only for dry skin and rashes but also to plump up the skin on the backs of your hands. Shea Terra Organics has given us GOLD with this formulation certainly!

Unrefined, virgin pressed shea butter- high in healing vitamins A & E. Highly emollient, shea butter repairs aging skin, decreases chapped flaky skin, decreases scarring, and even stimulates hair growth.

Shea Terra Organics' Shea Gold Virgin Shea Butter is produced by a group of collectors in Ghana.  This virgin pressed butter is machine pressed for maximum hygiene and purity. The butter is a beautiful light yellow color due to its high vitamin content and highly hygienic extraction process and still retains its light nutty aroma. 

If you've ever smelled an ashy fire smelling shea...that is not this!  Although shea's with ashy smells can be pure and are wonderful  - the production process of this shea is so clean and pure all the way down to the water used in pounding out the shea nuts. You will feel and smell the sweet difference.

Contains only: 100% pure, Gold Standard shea butter
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