The Amazing Organic Body Polish

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All blends are 24oz - except Fragrance Free - this one also called "Scent your Own" is only available in the 4oz version and used for chemically sensitives, and for those of us who want to use our own creative blend of essential oils ~.

If you have ever tried a different Salt Scrub - we are so sorry! This is the ONE...the one that started it all. Before Trillium crafted this dynamic and deeply penetrating formula - there were zero salt scrubs on the market. 

One of the very first companies to distinguish their body care as ORGANIC - and to travel the nation teaching about: "What we put on our skin - we ingest."  And it's true, the skin is indeed our largest organ; please do care and care very much about what you slather, lather and rub into it.

Organic Body Polish will become one of your most used family wellness products for body, face, hands, moisturizing, cleansing, shaving, detoxing, for cuts, burns, abrasion, for women, men, kids and toddlers.

"Lotion:" A deeply balancing formula that all but rids your need for "lotion" later in the day - it causes your body to absorb your "lotion" at the optimal moment (warm and wet in the shower) into open pores.

"Cleanser and Detoxifer:" The salts are perfectly rounded (NOT horribly scratchy and coarse). You will find them perfect for scrubbing your face and all of your most sensitive parts! Don't be shy - in the shower you will use this just as you would a soap - Salt is antibacterial and antifungal and more than that it draws toxins out of the skin. One of the only molecules too large to penetrate the skin- salt is an incredibly healing cleanser and detox aid.

"Cuts, Burns, Abrasions:" For kids we call Polish - "magic crystals." Use it to heal cuts and scrapes so fast it will make your head spin! Salt stimulates new cellular growth - this product should be in every gardeners and mechanics must have bag of tricks of the trade. It might be counter intuitive - but if you burn yourself - rub a little bit of salt gently across the burn - you can bypass all those days of oozing tender burn - and skip right to the doesn't hurt and healing part.

"Shave:" If you want an awesome all in one - this it it - soap + Lotion+ detox+ shave. To do this just rinse the salts (dirt and deadskin) away and shave with the emolients left behind. 

You will feel the oil on your skin until you towel or air dry - and in lies the genius of this formulation...It absorbs fully and fast - so you feel like you just used the best soap you have ever dreamed of; light, fresh, hydrated!

Stay Healthy in The Park~

Crystalline Salt, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Safflower Oil, Organic Non GMO Lecithin, Non-GMO Vitamin E, Organic Essential Oils
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